Aural Escapes - Zen Surf Cover 15

All FREE with your existing streaming service subscription! Pick a sound, set your player to “repeat single” and relax away! We’re on Spotify, Apple Music, Napster, Amazon Music including Alexa, Google Play. and more... (turn on your player's crossfade feature for best results)

Developed by the Sound Designer for the “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” film trilogies, these looping natural sounds are recorded and mastered at the highest film quality standards. They are perfect for sleeping as well as reducing stress at work. Many people run fans or white noise machines to help them sleep, but now you can take a wide variety of sounds with you wherever you have your mobile device. You control the volume as well as the listening choice to suit your mood. Do you feel like surf? We’ve got a wide variety including locations in Hawaii! Rain, waterfalls, or mountain streams? We’ve got you covered. How about a variety of fish tanks bubbling, or white noise sleep machines? We’ve even got a full album dedicated to sounds recorded on the Disney Magic cruise ship! Use with a high quality speaker(s) for best results.

Our favorite speaker is the
OontZ Angle 3 ULTRA. These can be hooked up as a pair for actual stereo which is a great and unique feature. Many other brands can be connected together but the same audio is at both speakers so not really stereo. The OoontZ hold their charge a very long time, sound great, and are half the price of most others. Get two!